Capitalising on Le Tour – Yorkshire 2014

Capitalising on Le Tour – Yorkshire 2014

As the Tour de France cavalcade departs Paris thoughts turn to the 2014 race and the role Yorkshire has to play when the show comes to town.  But more importantly, how can local businesses capture some of the benefits that the Tour will bring and avoid the pitfalls?

The BBC has reported on the impact for some of Yorkshire’s better known brands like Betty’s who have three outlets along the route.  They’re hoping the additional 2-3 million visitors to the region will bring both short term and long term benefit in terms of footfall.

But how can smaller businesses prosper?  Most importantly it’s about understanding what you can and can’t do with Le Tour intellectual property.  In 2012 many companies fell foul of copyright law when the Olympics came to London. The same will exist for Le Tour.

Bike Biz has a very well researched article which will help businesses understand the limitations on what they can and can’t do with the the intellectual property.  Heed it well as fines can come in a weighty £20,000.

So now you know what you can’t do you can focus on what you can do.  There will be lots of opportunities from car parking to camping, merchandise to meals.  Skipton MP Julian Smith recognises this as one of those responsible for bringing Le Tour to Yorkshire.

Finally, remember, staff may want to participate in the festivities so make sure you have a plan that doesn’t leave you short-handed.

The official website of Le Tour Yorkshire ( is a great place to look and you can also find details on the route and the latest news on the build up to the event.

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